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My Philosophy About Buying
Fine Art Photography

My editions are limited to a maximum of 25 (plus my copy)

That doesn't mean 25 in each size, it means 25 altogether.

So unless you get a group of 25 people together
and all agree to buy the same piece...
chances are you will never see your art purchase
hanging in someone else's living room.
Or above a hotel desk. Or in a department store.

My Wall to Your Wall

I know what it's like to live in a big city, raise children, or pay a mortgage;
buying art usually takes second place to paying down your debt.

I believe everyone should be able to indulge in a new piece of art now and again,
like having dessert at the holidays.

I produce my art so you can take it home and enjoy it immediately.
From my wall to your wall, I only sell finished art products.
No sticker shock surprise when you find out the cost of framing...
after it sat around for a year while try to find time to get to a framer.
(Yes, I've done this...)
All you have to do is take it home and start enjoying it.

Don't Let it Get Stale

Even art can have a "best before" date.  Sometimes...it just gets stale.

I believe you should buy a piece of art, feature it for a year or two in the spotlight,
and then move it to another room, where it takes on new life.
Then do that all again;
treat yourself to something new for the spotlight, love it for a while,
and keep growing and exploring your personal world of art.

Sometimes, when you stop loving a piece you bought, it becomes a burden,
and then you get pissed off,
and then you punish yourself by not buying something you fall in love with,
because you think you haven't earned it!

(Yes, I've done this, too!)

Talk to me

If you see something you like, but you prefer a different substrate
(framed instead of gallery wrapped, acrylic instead of canvas, printed on metal)
or you need a bigger size than the one I have on display,
talk to me.

And maybe you truly love a piece, and have just the space for it,
but the timing is a little off in the budget at the moment.
I'm sure we can come to some pricing arrangement that will work for both of us.
Talk to me.

Because if you don't ask...I don't know. And if you don't ask, you don't get!
The best way to find out is tell me what you want, and let me give you a quote.

Talk to me...
click the Contact tab at the top.