Lori Ryerson - Focalocity Photography | About

Lori Ryerson is the owner and principal photographer for Focalocity.


Artist Statement

My compositions are usually the result of serendipity. Although it does happen occasionally, I don’t tend to go out with a preconceived shot in my head, seeking a specific arrangement of things to go with that view.  I prefer to keep my eyes and mind open for an alignment of things that convey their story to me.

I look for these narratives in urban landscapes that document fading echoes of lives lived. I watch for little mysteries in commonplace occurrences. My stories often have recurring themes of water, trees, and windows. I travel to places where the vastness and silence of a wide-open landscape fills me with awe, reminding me of my insignificance when compared with places that time and Mother Nature took eons to carve out.

The way I choose to print my photographs is just as much part of my artistic consideration as the composition. That decision is entirely dictated by the mood and subject of the piece. I want to ensure that the final result which ends up on your wall enhances the story I am trying to tell.  I don’t want you to need to do anything more than hang it up and enjoy it.

Biographical Information

In my early years, I focussed on music and the performing arts. As a teenager, a family interest in all things Japanese led to  an appreciation for clean, spare lines, and fine details.  As an adult, I spent 16 years studying flying trapeze with a circus school in Toronto (my home and native land), which had a profound influence on the person I am now, and how I have come to view the world. It also created an inadvertent ability to photograph things in motion, which comes in handy when I photograph wildlife.

I retired my fly wings in 2013, but continue to be involved in Toronto’s circus community with my camera. And the wildlife thing has expanded into a landscape thing. Melding this all with  a life-long love of travel, I have created art in some inspiring locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 2016, I decided it was time to concentrate solely on my art. Moving on from a 30-year business career in PR and communications, my camera has become both my pen and my brush, allowing me to share the stories I find through my lens.

I’m delighted that my work has found permanent homes in both private and corporate art collections in both Canada and the United States.